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CHUNGUS | ANTEDILUVIAN Character art | BETA Arcade 2020

Chungus is a spawn of the old gods that has been summoned by a gathering of cultists trying to resurrect the deceased husband of a noblewoman.
Created for a game my team made during a Group Project at Uni.
you play through the game trying to rid the mansion of the cultists and anything unnatural they've managed to drag into this world. i.e. the Chungus!

I had a great deal of fun making this creature and have learnt a lot.
I created and posed the whole character apart from the rope material for his belt.
Animations and rigging were done by our teams Animator.
the scene you can see in the later images were created by our Art lead Joe.

I hope you like Chungus, I also created the Cultists and will be uploading them over the next week.

The Art Team:
Animator: Robyn